Well, Hello There!

Cheap (Adjective)

1. Low in price, especially in relation to similar items or services

2. Of little worth because achieved in a discreditable way requiring little effort.

Oxford Dictionary

So, why Cheap as Chips?

Cheap isn’t a word we “like” to use these days. It’s right up there with “tight”, “scrounge”, “skinflint” and “Cheapskate”. It’s associated with something being shoddy, of low quality and not something we’d like to own or be seen to own.

But is it really as bad as all that? Cheap is in my regular vernacular, alongside my other favourites like “Bargain”, “Deal” and “A Steal”! It’s my first thought when I make my shopping list or when I meal plan. To be honest, when it comes to spending our money – it’s ALWAYS my first thought – quickly followed by quality.

“Cheap” doesn’t have to be negative (or Positive). Something can be “cheap and cheerful” or “cheap and nasty”. Regardless of the item, you want to be looking first at the price and second at the quality. If the item costs very little but looks as flimsy as it feels – it’s probably safe to say that’s a bad deal!

Cheap as Chips is different. It’s both price and quality. There’s a phrase from the 15th Century which has fallen out of common use – “Good Cheap”. It means ‘A Good Bargain’ which is, afterall, what we all want.

This blog is an experiment for me to log all our weird and wonderful Frugal ways, some more extreme than others. It’s grown out of our need for an Extremely Frugal lifestyle and a lack of information about this subject online. There are 1001 articles on ‘Beginners Budgeting’ and ‘Cut Costs to Make it to Payday’ online and I love those articles, I read them all hoping to find a new nugget of wisdom or originality that the author undoubtedly provides. But I want to get weird, ugly weird and completely original! I want to know the things you jimmy-rig together and learn alongside others who are just as madly passionate about the creativity that frugality and necessity provides.

This is my attempt – watch this space and please let your ideas flow in the comments of this and any upcoming articles!


KaelaLee x

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